Technology in the Home

One of the most widely installed tech units across homes in the US and Canada is a waste disposer, located under the kitchen sink. It looks a simple device, but the technology and construction varies hugely between models and you can easily get caught out by installing the wrong brand.

Here are some of the best tips to follow when you’re looking for a new garbage disposal unit for your installation.

• Look at the specification of all the disposals available (check out
• Choose the right Warranty period for your needs
• Make sure you understand the construction and materials used inside the garbage disposal
• Choose the best size and power for you
• Buy a unit that is easy to install
• Make sure it works with your sewage system

Which is Best: Continuous or Batch feed garbage disposal units?

There are two types of disposal – continuous-feed disposals and batch-feed. Batch feed is slightly more inconvenient, in that you will start it yourself, but is considered safer so important if you have kids. Continuous feed models activate as soon as waste enters the drain pipe.


Make sure you have the right warranty in case of an emergency or breakdown. The better (and more expensive) garbage disposal units offer lifetime warranties, and you might also be able to extend a warranty with an extension policy. .

Build quality in you garbage disposal.

Stainless steel components and grinding wheels are the best quality and will extend the lifetime of your garbage disposal but they are likely to be in a unit that’s more expensive.

Size vs Power.

Make sure that you know how much space there is under your sink and check the dimensions on a specialist garbage info site. Also make sure to check the existing mountings and that your new unit is compatible.

On power, a 1/3 and 1/2 horsepower model will only work in a small apartment which doesn’t generate too much food waste.

With these tips in mind, finding the best garbage disposal for you and your family will be easy!.